New year!

Friday, 2 January 2015 22:13
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Finally finishing my first round of New Year House Cleaning.

*phew* that feels better.

Now onto the other stuff.

2014 - Farewell. You weren't a bad year, but not a momentous one either. I may loose track of you in the flow of time. But such is life. I worked a lot, renovated the kitchen. I did other stuff. Hawaii was brilliant. As was England. Love life was not. My roomate moved out, and I'm getting used to living alone. I find I may be a little too much alone. Blessed with family and pets and health and living in a place I really enjoy. Lots to be thankful for, really. But we move on.

2015 - I have high expectations, my friend. We're renovating the back yard next. Gardens! an Orchard! Stone walls! Travel plans to meet vet school friends in Vagas next month. Bonaire in July. Brother's wedding in October. My goals are to put myself out there. To take more emotional risks and meet new people. And just enjoy and continue to be thankful every day.

Happy new year all!

Crucial movies meme

Wednesday, 14 May 2014 09:13
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So, tying out crossposting. Let me know how it goes!

Also, I have spent yesterday night and this morning deleting hacked twitter followings (it's fucking annoying, people. Just one more reason on the long list of reasons to hate Twitter), changing my account logins and passwords to a higher-securty algorhythm of password creation that a person (i.e. me) can remember pretty easily but a computer shouldn't be able to hack. Oh, and logging all password/account info in a handwritten journal in the event I should lose my memory or die or something. Oh, and once I get the new credit cards comes the fun of changing all my automatic bill-paying accounts. woohoo! /sarcasm

In the meantime, a meme!

Everyone should post your most ten CRUCIAL CRUCIAL - ASS movies, like the ten movies that explain everything about yourselves in your current incarnation etc...

Sabrina (the remake)
Thomas Crowne Affair (also remake)
Lion King
Oceans Eleven
Lord of the Rings
Four Weddings and a Funeral
Pride and Prejudince (BBC version)
The Matrix

-- And almost made it:
Meet Joe Black
Star Wars
The Notebook
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Bourne Legacy
The Last Unicorn
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The story begins with me noticing larger, puffier bags under my eyes these last few month/weeks and deciding to try to reduce them. This decision coincided with my trip to NYC last weekend, where there just happened to be an Origins shop near my parents' house. And our opening act concludes with the purchase of Origins 'eye doctor' cream (but not the Undereye Serum which was even MORE expensive-- and which the nice lady at the counter gave me a free sample of anyway).

And this is the conversation I recently had with myself regarding the merits of said cream after one day's use. )


Tell me I'm not the only one who thinks about these things. I think I'm going to go to bed now.
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Jkidding. I am not so much with the love of driving. However, after moving roomate into her new apt in NJ, our final destination is NYC and that makes me happy.

What's not on: snagging the bathroom to pee when you KNOW I have a mouth full of toothbrush. Last morning. It's the last morning of housemate-dom, and though I'll miss her, this is not entirely a bad thing. (Am I the only one who thinks it's VILE to spit in the kitchen sink?)

Was thinking a bit about the end of S4 with just a few bullet points )
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Got home around seven this morning, crashed, and now I am more or less ready to rejoin the world of the living. (Before noon, too. Go me!) I do not, however, feel ready to go BACK to school.

It always amazes me how one can feel hungover from a night in which there was no alcohol involved and the only drugs were given to patients.

It occurs to me that this is a reasonable time to be waking up somewhere in the ocean between California and Hawaii. Maybe I'll pretend I'm there.

I think I'm going to have ice cream for breakfast.

I have refused to join Twitter on the principle of not having the time to waste, but I'm very weak and tempted right now.
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First: HOLY HELL, guys, life got busy and stressful and cold this week when it had absolutely no business being so. I demand it stop immediately. I do not want to think about disability insurance and term life, repayment schedule for taking loans to cover an extortionist's tuition, final papers, radiology schedules, or searching old medical records databases. Thank you.

Second: HOLY HEAVEN, guys, our show. )
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In honor of this glorious day, I present a list of happy-making things:

1. Sun and warm, with breezes and open windows, and a forty degree rise in the mercury overnight.

2. Four weeks left until graduation aka DOCTOR day.

3. Not having to wait any longer for netflix to send the first disk of BSG s2.5, because HOLY SHIT that was a cliffhanger of doom. (Someone please tell me that Chief Tirol(sp) survives to the end of the series? Please? In this I am not spoiler-averse.

4. A bottle of Argentine wine (a Torrontes, perfect for a summer day) and dark chocolate with chili and cherries-- possibly the most complete and magically flavored chocolate I've ever had (with the exception of milk/lavender)

5. Being able to be the one who posts multiple times in a day, can comment to everyone on my f-list, and might even start writing again. :D

6. Knitting up my first wearable (i.e. non-accessory) garment.

7. One more class, meeting THREE times/week 'til I'm done. That's all, baby!


Spammity and Colmes

Wednesday, 15 April 2009 11:38
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I don't want to get on the plane. I don't want to get on the plane. This may have something to do with the prospect of spending 24 hours in the air and at airports for a 48 hour trip for the sole purposes of getting fingerprinted and taking a test.

I know, buck up and meet my licensing requirements like a man.

But I don't waaaaant to. :P *whiny*

And I haven't packed yet, and the thing takes off in 2.5 hours. (Luckily the airport has only two gates and is about ten minutes from my house.)


This reluctance might also have a little to do with the fact my kitty (Phoebe) is in the hospital overnight for her dental tomorrow. She's going to have two teeth extracted. Poor darling. And I don't know who's more stressed about it, me or her. (Sometimes knowing too much is not a good thing. Especially because I know that three dogs they had in last week, including mine, ended up with wicked intestinal upset after their appointments...)

Guh. I'm sure it'll be okay. She's a street cat. She's tough.


Oh! One last thing. I've taken up knit and crochet recently.

my crafts, let me show you them )
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So I was thinking. We learned a LOT in this ep, and the thing was, the writers did it with style.

spoilers for 4x09 and next week's preview )

In sum? I need to watch this again, and I need for it to be next thursday. Like now.


In other news, I have decided never to stick my neck out or give my time to help people out in a "leadership" capacity any more ever again.

Organizing the boards review lectures (a series of 32) for my class has been the most thankless and unrewarding work of my early professional career. I understand that the students around me are stressed out and busy-- but so am I. It's not even that I wanted thank you's for myself, only for the Thirty-Two professors who volunteered their time to help prepare us for boards. The class couldn't even muster that. And when I tried to guilt them into it by email, I got a lot of angry and offended replies. So I'm stuck writing thank you letters by myself all morning.

I never want to be a teacher, either-- equally thankless and it seems like they give their time to help people who act like they could pretty much care less.

Okay, that's enough of being cynical, disillusioned, and grumpy for today. You guys on my f-list who do this (teach and organise and lead) every day? I applaud you.
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I went to my second concert this week (which is more than I've been to in the last four years) to see Scythian perform their KICKASS blend of Celtic/Gypsy/Rock. Not even kidding. It was AWESOMe. It was in this tiny venue-- they were practically hitting their heads on the ceiling during the dueling fiddles-- where the audience was pressed up against the stage, dancing and jumping and shouting with the music. And the guys jumped off the stage to have a drink with everyone when they were done. It was great.

It's so nice to see musicians who are just guys so into their mojo.


I'm finishing the lightest (schedule-wise) rotation of our clinical year. It was great to work nine to five; I can see the appeal. Next, I have one of the hardest and the one I've been dreading all year. But it's only two weeks of 16 hour days in small animal hell medicine. I can do that.


Three weeks and two days until national board exams. I'm 1700 questions into the online prep course. On top of that, it's two weeks until I find out about internships. (Or else don't; they don't notify the people they don't want to hire.) Anyone have any tips on how to not explode from stress? ;)

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Almost done.

I left the practice in California at 5:45pm yesterday (although yesterday feels a whole hell of a lot like an earlier part of today) and took the red eye overnight to JFK, where I am still sitting, typing, waiting for the plane to a city about an hour's drive from home.

Can I just skip this next part and be there already? Traveling is fun, but selling yourself for two weeks in the hopes that one of these efforts will yield a job after graduation. That gets old.

Quick trip recap, feel free to ignore. )


In other news, I had another thought about 4x07 and the fact that I'm not nearly as good a Dean-girl as I thought I was. cut for spoilers )
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First: HI! It's been a hellacious couple of weeks, but that all ends tomorrow at midnight (or one or two). Almost there.

Second: After this post which... I just had to put out there after stuff I've seen this week. I plan to finish some paperwork from school, check email, check the flist, then if I have any awake left in me at all, write and watch some Arrested Development (OMG, so painfully funny) before bed.

Third (The real point of this post):

So, I've been on emergency service for the past two weeks and of all the cases I've taken and all the owners I've spoken to, I can count on one hand the number who use flea and tick preventatives on their pets (mostly talking about dogs here). I've also seen more fleas (and they are really REALLY gross, guys, this coming from someone who has no qualms sticking her arm up a cow's rear end) crawling around on people's beloved animals than I ever thought I would in my life. I have NEVER seen a flea on any of my pets. So it's just been a surprise. Or maybe I've been really sheltered.

What I'm wondering about (and I know LJ is a limited and biased sampling population) is what YOU all do or think about regarding flea and tick control. Because I'm curious. That's all.

A Poll )

Don't get me wrong; I don't think every pet needs to be on these products at all. I'm just curious what people think about them.

That is all. Goodnight.
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Made it back from vacation in one piece (twenty hours of air and airports and ferries and thunderstorm-driving at three in the morning was not quite as fun as the rest of the week) and now I'm on two weeks of large animal emergency and critical care. It's awesome but really long hours. I'd post pictures if I had them, or if I had a computer to post them from, which brings me to--

My computer died on Monday. This is not of the good; it's a 20month old machine that I don't even move around on a regular basis. It's never been dropped or spilled on, though it's seen more than it's fair share of pet hair. Mostly it just lives on my bedside table, yet it's been no end of trouble -- first the screen casing split now the screen/hard drive/mother board kicked it. It's out of warrantee, too, which has made it really fun to deal with Hewlett Packard. Seriously, don't buy HP or if you do, make sure it's covered for the entire time you plan to own the machine.

After talking to four service reps who had only a passing grasp of the English language, I finally learned that to talk to someone who knows anything, I had to pay $100. I told them I just wanted the hardware warantee extension, not the phone support. Turns out you can't buy one without the other. Coughed up the money and the technical support guy ended up telling me to take the machine to Best Buy (or pay a further $500 plus parts to have HP fix it). That was $100 well spent -- NOT.

I took it to Best Buy where they initially told me it was the power to the screen, as I suspected all along (when I can get the screen to turn on, the computer works just fine). The following day, after I started shopping for new laptop screens, they call to tell me the hard drive is shot. I don't know what happened between day one and two, and no one would tell me what the "PC test" which killed my hard drive was. They won't tell my whether it's a hardware or OS/software/driver issue. They just told me to get a new drive and OS, and then they'll know whether the mother board is shot, too.

I already had the drive and brought it in. They have nothing to recover my operating system. HP no longer sends recovery disks with new laptops -- they keep that information on a hard drive partition that you can't get to if you loose the drive and operating system. Furthermore, if you didn't have the presence of mind to burn your own disks when you got the machine, they CHARGE you to replace them. WHAT THE FUCK, HP?!

Needless to say I am NOT a happy camper, and on 12 hours sleep in the last four days, I migh've been cursing a blue streak and in tears on the phone with various people in India who didn't even appreciate my pathetic attempts at sarcasm.

So, yeah. I apologise for not commenting lately. Hopefully all will be back to normal over the next week. :) *fingers crossed*
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I go home tonight, get there sometime tomorrow afternoon, see my dog and my cats and my bed for the first time in months

I've always loved travel and gone on trips longer than this several times, to farther destinations, but i have never never in my life felt so homesick as I did this time. It might have been because I left Henry behind, because I had no friends or company after office hours most places. I don't mind California, per se (except the traffic. Which sucks rotten eggs), but I am really really looking forward to a warm summer rain -- a phenomenon I don't think even exists here.

In the meanwhile, my brother graduates from Occidental (where Barack spent two years, incidentally) this weekend. I will miss the official ceremony, but I've been here since Thursday celebrating with him. It's been a long road and he's done so well; we're really proud.

He took us to a Korean karaoke... place (it was private rooms, not really a bar) last night. it was actually a blast. Although I was sceptical at first, everyone got rocking by the end. All of this is why I was late to see the SPN finale, but now that I have (3-4 times),

I have one real thought, and maybe a couple of other things )

Well, off to get my hair cut. Whoo!

Not an SPN recap

Thursday, 8 May 2008 21:52
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No Supernatural for me tonight. *single emo tear* I fear I shall have to wait until the episode is posted to cwtv.

To pass the time, I have decided to watch from way back in season one. Remember that? When Sammy was a fresh-faced college student? I'd forgotten how hard he's grown over the past few years, and how much Jared has grown up. Remember when they didn't know what had killed their mom? Remember "saving people, hunting things"? Remember when Dean didn't have that massive weight on his completely perfect shoulders and he stuck spoons in Sam's mouth while he was sleeping?

In the spirit of reminiscing, what's your favorite episode or quote from past seasons? What are your favorite ways the series and boys have changed?


In other news real life, real life, blah blah blah. )
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So, winter sucks, but it's nice to think that, aside from killing power lines, storms like these:

(went running with my camera in the ice and cold and bitter wind )

Can make moments like these possible )

I don't know if the camera really does it justice, but stopping to take all these pictures is what dragged out my run today, and it was worth ever break in stride. It was (not to be totally corny) like all the trees were made out of glass, and when the sun hit, the entire woods was full of light.

Might post recipies for the food I made for a party this weekend after doing a bit more toxicoligy. Daylight savings is wonderful, but I'm not even tired at all yet.
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I just want to say that I love the class I'm taking this week. It's... a little controvercial and I'm not going to get into it more that that, but it's also--

I don't think I've had trouble sleeping the night before school because I was so excited (although I have when nervous or stressed) since I was about five years old.

There's no exam at the end, but I'm putting in extra hours to do extra reading outside the assignments. That hasn't happened in... well, a while.

It's just nice. Nice to remember why I'm doing this. It's nice to wake up giddy and get there early just because I want to. You know?


Wednesday, 26 December 2007 20:46
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54.5 hours in 3.5 days.

No more work until next year~!

I hope everyone had a grand Christmas.

And thank you guys for the cards! I got awesome notes from [ profile] deidre_c (and thank you for the virtual cookie, too!), [ profile] thistlerose, and OMG![ profile] drvsilla - that was the MOST ADORABLE-IST!

Okay, gonna have some wine and getsome rest and go home to join the fam and the dog tomorrow. It's been wierd not having him around, like I keep turning to find my shadow but it's gone.
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So, the Longest Week is about to begin at work. (At least that's what I've dubbed it.) I go into the hospital tomorrow at three. Work for 8.5 hours, home for 8, work for 24.5 hours, home for 8, work 16.5 hours, home for 9, and then just a 4 hour shift that afternoon (whatever afternoon it happens to be. I've lost track.)

But then let the REAL vacation begin, because I don't have to be back in school until Jan 7th! My only plan for those days is to go to the city to meet my dog, and to catch up on the rest of SGA.

(Which, by the way-- SO addictive! I spent most of Thursday watching S2 with [ profile] stillane and I'm almost sad that I'll only have 1 1/2 more seasons to last me through the rest of break and the ideas are BUZZING.)

So, as I don't expect to be around much the next few days, I have two orders of business:



2. My parents sent some presents up, but since I won't be home the 24th or 25th... a quick poll )


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