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Wednesday, 15 April 2009 11:38
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I don't want to get on the plane. I don't want to get on the plane. This may have something to do with the prospect of spending 24 hours in the air and at airports for a 48 hour trip for the sole purposes of getting fingerprinted and taking a test.

I know, buck up and meet my licensing requirements like a man.

But I don't waaaaant to. :P *whiny*

And I haven't packed yet, and the thing takes off in 2.5 hours. (Luckily the airport has only two gates and is about ten minutes from my house.)


This reluctance might also have a little to do with the fact my kitty (Phoebe) is in the hospital overnight for her dental tomorrow. She's going to have two teeth extracted. Poor darling. And I don't know who's more stressed about it, me or her. (Sometimes knowing too much is not a good thing. Especially because I know that three dogs they had in last week, including mine, ended up with wicked intestinal upset after their appointments...)

Guh. I'm sure it'll be okay. She's a street cat. She's tough.


Oh! One last thing. I've taken up knit and crochet recently.

my crafts, let me show you them )
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It was a long week, and a few things strike me this Saturday night

1. Spending every day where I do makes me hyper-aware of the things that happen to people's pets. But I never really believe it'll happen to mine. I've mentioned some of this in passing to some of you. )

2. Then in the More Good News category, I took my car in for inspection the same day and was informed that it would require $1200 dollars worth of work to get it back. I just... Thanks world. Time to take out another student loan, even as the financial system around us crumbled.

3. On the plus side, Lazarus Rising was AWESOME BEYOND MY WILDEST IMAGINATION. spoilery questions )

4. And finally some SGA observations. more spoilers. Geez )

All things considered, I think it's time to have a big glass of wine, settle down to boards review, and thank goodness a new week starts on Monday.
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Ohhh, so you know how I might've mentioned once or twice that I was Jonesing for a kitten?

Well... )

Kitties make everything better. Oh, and (shh) I introduced him to Phoebe; she didn't hiss once! In fact, she didn't even mind playing with him! It's a sign.

Now the million dollar question is:
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