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In honor of the race, the horse, and spring in general, I bring you... Icons! (also, I wanted some new, fresh ones for Dreamwith-- lord help me)

All stock photography from Getty Images. Feel free to take and use however you want. If you credit, it should probably go go Getty, as all I did was crop and resize them.

To the icons, Jeeves )

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I've been craving a good running icon, and so, like any good LJ user, decided to make some myself.

All images are from the Getty Royalty-free collection. Feel free to d/l and use as many as you want, but if you want to credit, that's probably where it should go. All I did was crop, cut, and level a bit. ;)

Runners... GO! )


And after [ profile] ignipies posted this a little while back, I have been craving butternut squash soup like a crazy thing. I'm not big on following recipies to the letter, but this soup turned out a-freaking-mazing (if I do say so myself), so I thought I'd try to reproduce what I did here:

orange and curry and chili coconut goodness )


In other totally random news: GO PATS!! (evin if [ profile] grrm slams them in EVERY single post he makes, I love that there's a really great team in the sport today. I love that it happens to be one of my favorite teams. And also, Tom Brady is hot and has the locker next to Randy Moss ♥ )

It snowed again last night. Seriously, it is JUST over my house. As I drive up the hill, it's rain/slush and then BOOM, within a mile of home in any direction: all snow.

Okay, off to school. Have a good Monday! (it WILL be good, short week for all those stateside.)
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*yawn* have not been sleeping so well...

But that's immaterial. First, let me take a moment to rec A Feast in Azkaban by [ profile] nyxfixx because I am officially blown away.

Almost too much blown to write a coherent and critical review. )

Second, The iCons

So, these iQuidditch iCons have been eating my brain, and I finally got enough of them done to string together a little posting. Basically, I made each position in each team's colour, so pick your favourite position (wink wink) and your team. Play quidditch. YaY! Sport.

I just couldn't bring myself to title an icon, 'iBeat' )

And finally, can anyone recommend me a webhost? I'm currently paying $4.95/mo on Yahoo for only 25mb of space that is very nearly full, and I'd like to find somewhere else. The best I've found so far is $7.95/mo for a domain name, 3 gigs of space, and a fair bandwidth. But I'd love to go with a service people know and have had good experiences with.
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*phew* I saw several iSnape icons by [ profile] pen_and_umbra the other day, and was absolutely inspired. These are the result. Feel free to use. The prongs one is for [ profile] lacylu42, and Lupin is for [ profile] ignipes Thank you guys SO much for putting up with me recently!

Otherwise, just credit in the keywords, por favor. If you want the bases or larger format files to add on text or change colours, just drop me a note in the comments.


Many more behind the cut. )

ETA: Three more iLupin iCons added by request (3/6/05)

Edit, edit: 10 more icons added. iBike for [ profile] thistlerose and [ profile] sheafrotherdon Have fun!


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