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Okie, sorry for the whininess in the last post. Putting this together made me feel a lot better about the last few weeks.

Without further ado:

My room, the before and after shots )

And as promised... babies! )

and finally, the sunflowers. )

Hope you all have a nice weekend! I'm off to write my VERY late summerlove story.
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Two days til test day! whee!!

I've been slogging through these notes like a slogging thing. It happened to be a GORGEOUS (if interminably slow) day and apparently while I was out studying in the grass, my kitty was inside, studying some grass of her own... aren't they cute when they're stoned? )

good lord, I can't wait until this is done and I can cruise into the city for a few days of running in Central Park and reading whatever I want and walking and window shopping in midtown and maybe actually writing something! (Do those of you still doing the school thing find it incredibly difficult to mass memorize and be creative on the same day? Because I do. Not to say that this field doesn't require creative thinking; it does. It just requires you memorize heaps of information before you can apply them in any meaningful way. And I'm not quite there yet.)

And just because it's cute, the little piggy that could. I wish they didn't have to grow up )

Is it Thursday yet? I've been watching the director's cut for this week kind of compulsively and all I have to say is...Not really a spoiler, but-- )
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I don't want to talk about the last day and a half, but I thought I'd post pictures of this weekend's babies instead!

You know what they say about long legs )


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