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Heavy quilt across his knees, heavy head across his chest, tousled hair between his fingers, Remus smiled.

Outside, the buds that had dared poke spring green heads from thawing soil, now cowered under a blanket of white. Lazy flakes drifted against the window, like the ash of icy fire in the clouds.

Like this, Remus thought. Always like this.

Sirius shifted slightly, lean muscle and sharp bone fit snug against his body. The old mansion groaned under winter's end. Steam floated from the teacups abandoned by the couch. Aromas of bergamot and honey filled the air.

Snow? Sturgis had wondered. Some evil portent, I'll warrant.

No, Sirius had answered, flicking a match into the cold hearth and dry tinder. It landed with a red-and-gold explosion of flame. Just March, coming in like a Lion.
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Oh my, it's been a long time. I've spent far too many hours drawing cadavers, and I thought it was time to try my hand at something a little more... vibrant. It's just a quick kind of pic, but I hope you enjoy.

Title: Doggie Dreams
Artist: [ profile] krislaughs
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Character(s): Sirius Black, a beach, sunset, and a certain wizard's hat.
Challenge: "reflections" at [ profile] hp_fringeart
Media: chalk pastel photoshopped.
Disclaimer: Sirius belongs to J.K. Rowling, the hat belongs to Albus Dumbledore, the poem belongs to Robert Louis Stevenson, and the sunset belongs to everyone. No copyright infringement is intended by the posting of this work.


Doggie Dreams )
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ETA: [ profile] lupinslittlesis wrote a story to go with it. In the comments. Go read. :)

Art Week! Post Two

Wednesday, 29 June 2005 12:37
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Somebody needs to stop me. :) Ah well, all in the name of practice, right?

Title: To Protect and Serve
Artist: [ profile] krislaughs
Rating: G
Warnings: naked baby
Character(s): Sirius, Baby Harry
Challenge: "hands" at [ profile] hp_fringeart
Media: Pecil, Paper, Digital Camera, Photoshop


Sirius and Harry. NOT Sirius/Harry )
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**Note** This entry is only here because I am too impatient even for the superfast FA coder to keep up with, and it will only be here until the chapter is up at Fiction Alley, no more than a day or two, I'm sure.

That said:
Title: Running to Stand Still
Author: [ profile] krislaughs
Disclaimer: It all belongs to Jo.
Author's Notes: The full story can be found Here. After this, there is one chapter to go. Many thanks, heaps of praise, and herds of hippogriffs for my dearest betas, [ profile] lacylu42 and [ profile] ignipes

Summary: Chapter Sixteen, left Remus at the end of his journey around the world, having rescued Sirius from Azkaban. Everything had ended so well, and yet it felt so wrong. Remus returned to the cottage, after seeing a man about a job, to find it empty. Sirius was gone and had left no clues at to where he might be.

Running to Stand Still )

Ficlet: Rebuild

Sunday, 8 May 2005 22:56
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Title: Rebuild
Atuhor: [ profile] krislaughs
Word Count: 543
Disclaimer: It all belongs to Jo or whomever she's signed it away to. All but the last quoted lines are from Order of the Phoenix, American Hardcover, dread page 806.
Author's Notes: Meh. It's late, I've been in a bit of a rut and so I decided to try something new. Don't know that it works, I mean at all. Let me know.

Summary: Every time Sirius closes his eyes, the world disappears. When he opens them, it returns. )


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