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Title: Our Town
Author: [ profile] krisomniac
Rating/Warnings: pg-13 for language
Disclaimer: Sam and Dean Winchester belong to Kripke et al. "Our Town" is a play my Thornton Wilder about, perhaps, the most un-Winchester life that's possible--until the end, anyway.
Authors notes: Thanks to [ profile] ignipes for the masterful beta
"Dad and me did just fine without these stupid costumes. I feel like a high school drama dork.... What was that play you did--Our Town. Yeah, you were good. It was cute."
- episode 116, Shadow

Sometimes Dad pulls the rug out from underneath them. Sometimes, he pulls through. ~4000 words. )
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Title: After All
Author: [ profile] krisomniac
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Sam and Dean are not mine, never have been, never will be, but I do like to borrow them from time to time.
Author's Note: A thousand thanks to [ profile] ignipes for the beta and reassurances, and even for getting me hooked on a shiny new fandom. It's unbelievable fun to play with the boys.

Summary: The Winchester brothers pick up the pieces after one of Sam's more questionably brilliant plans.

'I wasn't the one who let that dog use my femur as a chew toy,' Dean said. He wasn't smiling. )
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Title: First Kill
Author: [ profile] krisomniac
Disclaimer: No intended infringement, no profits, etc. Supernatural, all characters and subsidiaries are owned by the execs down at Warner. I'm just here to have fun.
Ship(s): None
Wordcount: 3600
Summary: She eyed him suspiciously. "You're awfully young to be doing this kind of work."

Dean shrugged and hoped that she couldn't hear the pounding of his heart, wouldn't see the effort behind his easy grin. "I'm older than I look," he told her.

Author's Note: Many thanks to [ profile] ignipes for the incomparable beta-read, and an old Irish curse at her door for dragging me into another fandom. In this story there is no porn, but you might just find a mysterious door, a smattering of action, dollop of adventure, a gun, a coming of age, and a conspiracy of quarters. The town is fictional and the news items are real. Enjoy.

First Kill )

Comments, questions, critiques, and pointing out of errors is very much appreciated. All mistakes herein are mine.


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