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Although I'm often appalled by media bias in reporting, I thought that this article from the New York Times on drug compounding and the polo ponies who died in Florida was actually very well-balanced and representative of an issue that confronts veterinarians every day.

In other news, we did our lameness work-up on the horse assigned to us this week. He's a sweet old (20-ish) "Irish Sporthorse" (looks like a Thoroughbred/Clydesdale cross) who's quite lame on the right front (with clean radiographs), very easy to work with, people-oriented and affectionate. I really hope that he could make a nice pasture pet for someone and that this isn't the end of the line for him. :( Anyone want a horse?

I still haven't gotten over that show last night, you guys. You KNOW what I'm talking about.

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As ucky as it was outside yesterday, it is some kind of beautiful today (and the weekend is only meant to get better). The cats are perched in wide-open windows and the seedlings are on the back porch to get some direct sun.

I only have one class, but it's from 1-5pm, *sigh*

As school winds down and I'm getting ready to move across the country, I've been thinking about life and home a lot. I live-at-work for the next year, but after that I'm completely on my own. I've realized that I'm tired of sharing kitchen and bathrooms (in fact, have never had my own), although I like having other people (and their pets) in the house. It's nothing against the people I share them with-- I'm just tired of it. I suppose I'll need to find a place where there is a bedroom/bath/kitchen for every housemate? Does such nirvana exist?

In other news, the whole equine-vet world is exploding with the controversy over the dead polo ponies in Florida. If you haven't heard anything about it, it was a horrific supposed-accident in which 21 horses died within the space of a few hours before their match after receiving a compounded vitamin mix. Whether it was the compounding pharmacy's fault (they claim an error in the formulation, but won't say which ingredient and toxicology tests aren't back yet from the horses) or the vet for prescribing it, or just rotten luck, I hope to god nothing like this happens again. I also hope it encourages some standards of safety and efficacy in compounded veterinary products. (These are typically drugs we cannot get through pharmaceutical companies, because they aren't licensed in the USA or no one makes them anymore etc, so we have pharmacies make them with less oversight than their big Pharma neighbors. The mix given to the ponies was meant to emulate a product that Meriel sells overseas.) It's huge topic, and every vet on the list-serve's I belong to seems to be weighing in. Personally, I can't say more than I think it's a tragedy, and I just hope we can learn from it to prevent something like this from happening again.
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I just got a summons to appear in court in two weeks (FINAL NOTICE. OR ELSE. DUM DUM DUMMMM) for a speeding ticket I got two years ago, plead guilty to two years ago, and never heard from again.


Any lawyers in the crowd?
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Made it back upstate this afternoon after the ultimate in reaxing weekends and beautiful fall day-drives. Returned to the rental car agency. The man at the booth was really nice, but I wonder if his head was really in it.

I don't usually correct other people's math, but sometimes it's a public service. )

So then I went to the auto repair place and got my car back. I asked the girl how it was. she said "great". I turned it on. I bet you can guess what happened next... )

I also saw Catch and Release last night, the movie with Jennifer Garner and Kevin Smith. Odd to hear him *talk* in a movie, but it was really pretty cute overall, and left me with that warm, fuzzy, feeling. now must watch Heroes and count down the minutes until Thursday night.

But the best thing about long weekends? is that they're followed by SHORT weeks. Woo hoo!!
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Okie, sorry for the whininess in the last post. Putting this together made me feel a lot better about the last few weeks.

Without further ado:

My room, the before and after shots )

And as promised... babies! )

and finally, the sunflowers. )

Hope you all have a nice weekend! I'm off to write my VERY late summerlove story.

Almost there

Thursday, 2 August 2007 22:01
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Whew. Two weeks later I have a night to lay on the couch, doing nothing but watch Supernatural (for the first time in *weeks* I'll have you know, Gin)

The move is almost moved. I'm more or less unpacked. Built a fenced-in pen for my dog, and all that remains is to clean the place and find a spot for my TV.

I had to present my summer's research to a) the man who sponsored it and b) the rest of the lab group today, and it actually went okay. I have one more week there to wrap up my experiments and play with the pretty ponies. Pictures of babies and house to come in the near future.

So relieved. I've actually lost about two pants sizes and lord knows how many pounds this month-- not by diet and excersize, but by stress and forgetting to eat. Er. Whatever works I guess.

School starts again in a week. *gulp*

In the meantime, I'm a little daunted by how far removed I've been from fandom and how behind I am on my f-list. What'd I miss?
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Guys, the good just keeps on rolling in.

[ profile] amchara wrote me happy schmoopy BIRTHDAY FIC! Push. It's boys wratling and discussing Very Serious Business the way all serious business should be discussed-- with one of them in a headlock.

“I don’t get you,” he says. “Didn’t you ever want anything other than this life? Something other than Dad’s crusade?”

And maybe Sam’s imagining it, but he thinks he sees a flicker of hesitation in Dean’s eyes but his voice is steady enough when he answers, “There isn’t anything else.”

Great stuff. Go check it out. Push.

~ and THEN

[ profile] lyra_wing went and wrote MORE birthday fic! Tales of the Wild Country. It's the story of Sam and Dean, doing what needs to be done, sun-freckled and on HORSES! I kid you not.

There were plenty of jobs to go around. Swarms of evil creatures roamed the country, more than Sam or Dean had ever imagined possible.

They were in a different world now.

Brilliant premise, and I'm not going to give it away by saying more. Go read. Tales of the Wild Country.


Read more... )It made me very happy.


I also made yummy banana cake with cream cheese frosting for a work cookout Saturday night. Comment for the recipie.


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