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Got home around seven this morning, crashed, and now I am more or less ready to rejoin the world of the living. (Before noon, too. Go me!) I do not, however, feel ready to go BACK to school.

It always amazes me how one can feel hungover from a night in which there was no alcohol involved and the only drugs were given to patients.

It occurs to me that this is a reasonable time to be waking up somewhere in the ocean between California and Hawaii. Maybe I'll pretend I'm there.

I think I'm going to have ice cream for breakfast.

I have refused to join Twitter on the principle of not having the time to waste, but I'm very weak and tempted right now.
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Although I'm often appalled by media bias in reporting, I thought that this article from the New York Times on drug compounding and the polo ponies who died in Florida was actually very well-balanced and representative of an issue that confronts veterinarians every day.

In other news, we did our lameness work-up on the horse assigned to us this week. He's a sweet old (20-ish) "Irish Sporthorse" (looks like a Thoroughbred/Clydesdale cross) who's quite lame on the right front (with clean radiographs), very easy to work with, people-oriented and affectionate. I really hope that he could make a nice pasture pet for someone and that this isn't the end of the line for him. :( Anyone want a horse?

I still haven't gotten over that show last night, you guys. You KNOW what I'm talking about.



Tuesday, 14 April 2009 20:57
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housekeeping thingies.

1. ALMOST DONE. I've been in total and complete denial that my California board examination is on Friday, that I have to fly out there tomorrow to take it, and that I'm as far behind as I am in studying for it. I've been in such denial that I forgot to tell my aunt (who I'm staying with) when I was coming. *facepalm*

Sometime during all this, I have to finish the presentation I'm making to what feels like the entire school next week and get it to my advisor by Friday. I thought I had more time than this...

This goes on record as one of the stupider weeks of my life.

2. On the other hand, New York was fantastic last weekend. I had such a great time meeting and karaoke-ing with all you gals!

3. Umm... what's with the defection to Dreamwidth? Is LJ no good anymore? Because, honestly, I don't think I handle either making a whole new journal or losing everyone I know through this one. *sadface*
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I had two overnight shifts last Thursday and Friday while working full days Wed and Thurs. This amounted to roughly 48 hours straight, with small (2-3 hour) breaks for naps once or twice. I had been dreading it all week, but I really needed the money from the overnights so I agreed to take them on.

The cool thing? Was that the hospital was slow, the overnights were pretty relaxed, I set up a sleeping bag in my car to nap from 7am to 8am, I got out early on Friday afternoon for a few extra hours' sleep, and I had no major plans all weekend except brunch and wine tasting! All in all, it wasn't nearly as bad as I'd feared and was even pretty great in the end.

I love it when that happens.

In other news, I've been watching new TV! Dolls and Cylons, Bones and Kings. And I'm *not* afraid of spoilers )

In conclusion: there is lots of amazing and less-than-amazing TV to catch up on while waiting for new episodes of Supernatural, Merlin, and Being Human.
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I went to my second concert this week (which is more than I've been to in the last four years) to see Scythian perform their KICKASS blend of Celtic/Gypsy/Rock. Not even kidding. It was AWESOMe. It was in this tiny venue-- they were practically hitting their heads on the ceiling during the dueling fiddles-- where the audience was pressed up against the stage, dancing and jumping and shouting with the music. And the guys jumped off the stage to have a drink with everyone when they were done. It was great.

It's so nice to see musicians who are just guys so into their mojo.


I'm finishing the lightest (schedule-wise) rotation of our clinical year. It was great to work nine to five; I can see the appeal. Next, I have one of the hardest and the one I've been dreading all year. But it's only two weeks of 16 hour days in small animal hell medicine. I can do that.


Three weeks and two days until national board exams. I'm 1700 questions into the online prep course. On top of that, it's two weeks until I find out about internships. (Or else don't; they don't notify the people they don't want to hire.) Anyone have any tips on how to not explode from stress? ;)

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First: HI! It's been a hellacious couple of weeks, but that all ends tomorrow at midnight (or one or two). Almost there.

Second: After this post which... I just had to put out there after stuff I've seen this week. I plan to finish some paperwork from school, check email, check the flist, then if I have any awake left in me at all, write and watch some Arrested Development (OMG, so painfully funny) before bed.

Third (The real point of this post):

So, I've been on emergency service for the past two weeks and of all the cases I've taken and all the owners I've spoken to, I can count on one hand the number who use flea and tick preventatives on their pets (mostly talking about dogs here). I've also seen more fleas (and they are really REALLY gross, guys, this coming from someone who has no qualms sticking her arm up a cow's rear end) crawling around on people's beloved animals than I ever thought I would in my life. I have NEVER seen a flea on any of my pets. So it's just been a surprise. Or maybe I've been really sheltered.

What I'm wondering about (and I know LJ is a limited and biased sampling population) is what YOU all do or think about regarding flea and tick control. Because I'm curious. That's all.

A Poll )

Don't get me wrong; I don't think every pet needs to be on these products at all. I'm just curious what people think about them.

That is all. Goodnight.
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"If they start to feel it, just cut faster."

Words to live by. Especially when you have a scalpel.
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Overheard in the hospital today:

Head of Surgery Service: "I always have to remind myself that 30% of what we teach you is wrong and we'll never know which 30% it is."
Fellow student: "Except it's probably the 30% we remember."

Student on case rounds (Re: penile amputation on a horse with tumors): "... and suturing the urethra to a bunch of melanomas is not indicated."
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I just want to say that I love the class I'm taking this week. It's... a little controvercial and I'm not going to get into it more that that, but it's also--

I don't think I've had trouble sleeping the night before school because I was so excited (although I have when nervous or stressed) since I was about five years old.

There's no exam at the end, but I'm putting in extra hours to do extra reading outside the assignments. That hasn't happened in... well, a while.

It's just nice. Nice to remember why I'm doing this. It's nice to wake up giddy and get there early just because I want to. You know?

Skiving off

Wednesday, 4 April 2007 19:22
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I got out of lab at 2:30 today (what a treat) and decided that, since I will be spending the entirety of the next two days-- fourteen hours each-- at school/work/hosting lectures/lecturers, I would skip my evening EVERYTHING, and putz around the house.
'Cause I was born a ramblin' woman. also cut for dr. who discussion )

If you haven't signed up for [ profile] spn_summergen GO NOW.

[ profile] spn_summergen

It's a fic exchange with some fantacular (is SO a word) prompt ideas. Also, the mods have given you free reign to explain what you do and don't want from it-- from people who hate green, leafy vegetable!fic to those who only want to write biblical crossovers. Seriously. I have no idea how they're going to match people up, but I'm fairly sure it's going to be a grand time.

so if you've never written for Supernatural before (yes, I am looking at YOU), are a seasoned veteran (that would be you), or know the show inside and out but rarely write (you know who i'm talking about now)-- GET TO IT!

It's gonna be a long summer waiting for S3. (Don't burst my bubble. There WILL be an s3.)

Fill it with [ profile] spn_summergen


And finally, today's wisdom from my surgery prof:

"Surgery is like making love; both require adequate exposure and gentle tissue handling."

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It's that time again: finals.

I will be mostly MIA from now til March 18th. And by mostly I mean that LJ is here for when I desperately need to not be studying medicine.

My daddy turned fifty-one today. This seems more auspicious to me than fifty.

Still working on trickster!Dean between writing papers about EHV-1, presentations on equine OCD, studying fluids and antimicrobials, canine infectious disease, clin path, and nutrition... and I took a far lighter courseload than most of my peers.

Anyway, happy March! I'll catch you around. (and will post more pictures of babies at some point)


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