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So I was thinking. We learned a LOT in this ep, and the thing was, the writers did it with style.

spoilers for 4x09 and next week's preview )

In sum? I need to watch this again, and I need for it to be next thursday. Like now.


In other news, I have decided never to stick my neck out or give my time to help people out in a "leadership" capacity any more ever again.

Organizing the boards review lectures (a series of 32) for my class has been the most thankless and unrewarding work of my early professional career. I understand that the students around me are stressed out and busy-- but so am I. It's not even that I wanted thank you's for myself, only for the Thirty-Two professors who volunteered their time to help prepare us for boards. The class couldn't even muster that. And when I tried to guilt them into it by email, I got a lot of angry and offended replies. So I'm stuck writing thank you letters by myself all morning.

I never want to be a teacher, either-- equally thankless and it seems like they give their time to help people who act like they could pretty much care less.

Okay, that's enough of being cynical, disillusioned, and grumpy for today. You guys on my f-list who do this (teach and organise and lead) every day? I applaud you.
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So, after reading a lot of the initial reactions to Playthings )


In totally unrelated news, the birthday ficlet I intended to whip out today? I'm 2000 words in and the main characters haven't even MET yet. *facepalm*


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