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Jkidding. I am not so much with the love of driving. However, after moving roomate into her new apt in NJ, our final destination is NYC and that makes me happy.

What's not on: snagging the bathroom to pee when you KNOW I have a mouth full of toothbrush. Last morning. It's the last morning of housemate-dom, and though I'll miss her, this is not entirely a bad thing. (Am I the only one who thinks it's VILE to spit in the kitchen sink?)

Was thinking a bit about the end of S4:
- If Sam didn't need the blood, then what the hell was going on in 4x21 (other than the giant angst-fest)?!? I mean, it must've affected him somehow. And then why was Anna so miffed about it?

- I love that shot with Zach in front of the field of mirrors.

- Notice that Dean's promise was to serve God ('and you guys') -- so he hasn't really brokn it, if there is no god behind the angels' work.

- Castiel was an ambiguous bastard in 4x21. I wonder when he learned *how* the last seal was going down, because he certainly acted like h didn't know, then.

2009-05-29 10:54 (UTC)
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I was presuming that once Castiel started behaving himself and lured Anna into a trap, Zach and co were trusting him again and telling him things. Or it's just a big plothole. IDEK.

2009-05-30 06:43 (UTC)
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Ohh, that's a good, plausible theory. I like the idea that he didn't know in 4x21 because that just makes what he did exceptionally unpardonable.

2009-05-29 11:04 (UTC)
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I am contemplating Castiel in great depth... I'm thinking about writing lengthily on whether or not we should trust him... and also whether or not it's Castiel who came back after 4x20. I'm still not sure.

2009-05-30 06:44 (UTC)
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*whew* that's a plot twist that I didn't even consider and *DAMN*, girl, I hope you do write lengthily...

2009-05-29 13:51 (UTC)
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-About the blood. Either a) Ruby's an unreliable narrator or b) Sam's own innate abilities were kicking the crap out of him, psychological addiction. Not sure about Anna in that case, though.

-I'm pretty sure the message Castiel was going to give to Dean at the beginning of 4x20 was that he'd found out about the final seal.

2009-05-30 06:47 (UTC)
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a) On the other hand, it makes more sense re: what we know about the other kids' powers if he didn't need the blood. b) That's a cool idea-- that it was in his choices the need for Ruby was cultivated and embodied.

Ohhh, but then he KNEW what he was doing when he let Sam out in 4x21, and that makes me so much more sad for him! I was wondering if the message for Dean in 4x20 wasn't about the role *Dean* was meant to play-- since we know so little about that as of yet (and I am SO intrigued to find out, not gonna lie)

2009-05-29 16:47 (UTC)
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I don't think I will ever get the blood thing. I am still way confused about it. D:

2009-05-30 06:48 (UTC)
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It is very confusing. I wish I could explain it without all the handwaving...


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