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This is in no particular order (well, alphabetical more or less) just an archive of the things I've written. For my own amusement more than anything else.

Supernatural - Gen fic

A Box of Pictures - 900 words, G - Coda to the deleted scenes from Home - Sam wants to know things. Dean doesn't want to talk

After All - 1200 words, PG - The Winchester brothers pick up the pieces after one of Sam's more questionably brilliant plans.

City of Lost Things - Part 2 - UNFINISHED, ~9000 words so far, R - Sam has visions. Dean drives in New York. Demons ride subways, and hell is an office building on Fifth Avenue.

First kill - 3600 words, PG - She eyed him suspiciously. "You're awfully young to be doing this kind of work." Dean shrugged and hoped that she couldn't hear the pounding of his heart, wouldn't see the effort behind his easy grin.

Four out of Five Demons Agree - 100 words, G - Dean's last request of the Crossroads Demon.

Half-Baked romantic Notions - ~1500 words, PG - Jo learns how to be a Hunter. Birthday fic for [ profile] amchara.

I Spy - 400 words, G - A very long drive between jobs. Very bored boys.

Junkyard Blues - 1800 words, PG - Missing scene to In My Time of Dying - Bobby never could refuse the Winchester boys anything.

Just Another Laugh for the Road - 550 words, PG - Sometimes a laugh is all you need to get by. Birthday fic for [ profile] ignipes.

Like a Fiddle - 1200 words, G - They're somewhere between hell and Pittsburgh, PA. Coda to Lucifer Rising, written for [ profile] deirdre_c on the occasion of her birthday.

Lucifer Rising: The Hug AU - 300 words, G - As the door to Lucifer's prison opens, Sam and Dean get what they need. Part of [ profile] thehighwaywoman's shmoopfic meme after 4x22

Our Town - 4400 words, PG-13 - "Dad and me did just fine without these stupid costumes. I feel like a high school drama dork.... What was that play you did--Our Town. Yeah, you were good. It was cute."

Practice - 1000 words, PG-13 - It is an unwritten rule of the universe that the moment a person is bound, wrists, ankles, and chest to a large tree in the middle of nowhere, his nose will inevitably begin to itch.

Reaping Time (A Faith Remix) - 2500 words, PG - Another recalls the events in Nebraska, in the winter of 2006. It's no coincidence that Sue Ann died of a stroke.

Rewritten - 600 words, PG - The morning after the end of the world nothing much has changed. Birthday fic for [ profile] medicinal_mirth

Rope. Chalk. Lighter. Beads. - 100 words, G - It wasn't supposed to end like this.

Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth - 680 words, PG, Reaper!Dean - Dean thinks about the thousand different ways it could happen.

Strip. Poker. Boom. - 3800 words, PG-13 - Winchesters and Poker, a story in fourteen cards

Things That go Boom - ~3000 words, PG, set post- AHBL2 - The Fourth of July is anything but a relaxing holiday. Written for [ profile] spn_summergen, 2007

Three Supernatural Drabblets - Just a Dream, Somewhere nice, and California

Too Much - 100 words, G - It's not a long list, the things Sam wants.

Wind, Promises, Beer, and Dust - 1900 words, PG - Coda to Everyone Loves a Clown - Ellen reflects on an empty road and an old friend.

Supernatural - Slash fic

At the Altar of Splintered Wood and Broken Promises - ~2500 words, NC-17, Coda to 2x13 - Sam learned there were many ways to pray.

Back Road Dreaming - 700 words, Sam/Dean, PG-13 - "I hate camping," Dean says, like he does every night, but there's no longer any bite to his words. He might as well be commenting on their gas mileage or the state of Sam's hair. He clasps his hands behind his head and lies back in the long grass, looking up at the sky

Conditioned Air - 800 words, Sam/Dean, R - Summer in Alabama is better with brothers and conveniently located ice. Birday fic for [ profile] deirdre_c

Too Big for This World - 900 words, implied Sam/Dean, unrated crack - Sam has occasion to recall his brief yet blissful time as a mythical, white stallion. Sequel to Mister Sparkles by [ profile] ignipes.

Supernatural - Het fic

Costuming - 1000 words, Sam/Jess, PG-13 - "I know, you're not into the whole costume thing. But that doesn't mean you can't dress up for Jack's party." She looked up at him with overly concerned blue eyes, a strand of hair falling across her face. "Why don't you like Halloween, anyway?"

The Thing About Glass Slippers - 5900 words, girl!Dean/Agent Henricksen, crack - A hunter, a Fed, and a fairy godmother walk into a bar - written for the [ profile] spn_summerlove 2007

People in Stone Houses - 3600 words, R, Dean/Faith, BtVS crossover - UNFINISHED - Dean picks up an unlikely stranger on the way to California.

Harry Potter - Gen fic

No Good Deed - 1000 words, G - Neville Longbottom, a lake, an unfortunate anniversary, a werewolf, and a venomous tentacula.

Harry Potter - Slash fic

March Like a Lion - 100 words, R/S

A Lesson in holding Hands - 6 parts, R/S, set post HBP, PG - Remus and Tonks some hours after leaving Bill's bedside.

Late Spring - R/S, set mid-OOtP, PG - Remus returns from order business to find a note on top of his dresser.

First Sight of a Fanged Bidet - R/S, pre-series - When one is running late to a dinner party, it's always the unexpected things...

Rebuild - R/S, G - Every time Sirius closes his eyes, the world disappears. When he opens them, it returns.

[ profile] prankstersguide - The Prankster's Guide to Life by Mrrs Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs. The story goes on. (A collaborative effort with [ profile] ignipes, [ profile] sheafrotherdon, and [ profile] lacylu42)

Heroes - Gen Fic

Guests of the Dandelion Field - 750 words, PG - coda to 1x23 How to Stop an Exploding Man - Two strange men make a strange appearance in a strange field in the country. Strangely.


Unfinished Bargains - UNFINISHED - Supernatural/Good Omens 1300 words - a crossroads, a hunter, and a Demon. Set during Supernatural season 3

Spare Parts (the Coincidence Happens Twice Remix) - ~2500 words - Supernatural/Firefly, Dean/Kaylee. Serenity is grounded and Kaylee can't figure out why. Written for [ profile] remixredux09, to Spare Parts by [ profile] theladyscribe


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