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The story begins with me noticing larger, puffier bags under my eyes these last few month/weeks and deciding to try to reduce them. This decision coincided with my trip to NYC last weekend, where there just happened to be an Origins shop near my parents' house. And our opening act concludes with the purchase of Origins 'eye doctor' cream (but not the Undereye Serum which was even MORE expensive-- and which the nice lady at the counter gave me a free sample of anyway).

This is the conversation I recently had with myself regarding the merits of said cream after one day's use:

... Wow. That really worked! OMg, I can't believe the insanely expensive cream actually helped.

... I wonder if it really helped though. It might just be a placebo effect or wishful thinking.

... I bet I can think of a way to objectively measure the puffiness under my eyes...

... Serial photographs taken at the same time relative to getting out of bed, in the same lighting, at the same angle, every day, analyzed by computer?

... Now that's just being silly.

... Is it?

... Even if I do show a positive effect. Is it due to the increased circulation from cream application? Or something in the ingredients themselves?

... After the first experiment, I should clearly switch to a plain moisturizer placebo control and repeat.

... It should be double blinded though.

... From myself?

... Yes. Unmarked containers and an objective third party to read the results.

... Then how will I know whether it's the serum, the creme, or both?

... That's easy. Just repeat the experiment with one at a time.

... Oh no!

... What.

... I'll need to get other girls, age, stress, and sleep-pattern matched to me.

... Why?

... Because I'll never achieve statistic significant with N=1

... I should apply for funding before I start.


Tell me I'm not the only one who thinks about these things. I think I'm going to go to bed now.
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