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Sunday, 2 August 2009 07:13
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So when I moved, I did remember to change my address with the credit card companies, however I did not remember to change it with my LJ recurring payments.

About two hours after the payment didn't go through, they sent me notification they were suspending the account. Two hours in the middle of the night. Not even 24 hours for me to resolve the issue.

I realize it doesn't change much; I don't use many of the paid features anyway. But I'm a little pissed on principle. Anyone know much about coding and setting up an account with Dreamwidth? I already have the account, just haven't done anything with it. (I know I said I wouldn't go over there, but now I'm salty)

2009-08-02 14:22 (UTC)
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Oops! Never mind - I see you already have a code. :P My bad. Um. I don't know much about coding, alas. I've only changed the colors on my DW journal.

They did that to me last month. I renewed my account anyway because all my stuff's here, but it was annoying!

Anyway, if you haven't gotten a DW code yet, I think I have an extra. To which email address should I send it?

2009-08-03 05:10 (UTC)
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I know, what the heck! It was an innocent mistake and they treat me like a criminal.

2009-08-02 19:13 (UTC)
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It's very similar to LJ. The [info - personal] getting_started comm on Dreamwidth is full of useful info for those new to the site.

2009-08-03 05:10 (UTC)
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cool. will be checking that out when I have an evening off tomorrow.


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