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First, a rec.

I spent the early morning reading [ profile] dotfic's The Syntax of Things, which I totally missed back in June, and its sequel A Better Fate than Wisdom. It picks up where season four left off and takes it to completely right places. It's Castiel/Dean, and makes it work with Jimmy, with dreams, with the distrust and complete openness that exists between them. At the same time, she manages to do more than justice to relationship between Sam and Dean at the core of everything.

Next, I started watching Dogma this evening. Good lord, I love that movie, and I would be such a happy fangirl if someone could find a way to crossover the two.

Third. I think I have mild acid reflux. This is new and unpleasant and might explain (along with the crazy schedule) why I've been losing weight recently? Not a lot, but disproportionate to the volume I've been eating.

2009-07-20 14:27 (UTC)
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Thank you for that gorgeous rec. *blushes*

2009-07-21 04:33 (UTC)
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n'awww, worth every word. And then some :D

2009-07-20 15:19 (UTC)
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There definitely need to be many, many more View Askew-verse crossovers with SPN. It makes SO MUCH SENSE. (Plus, Loki and Bartleby would eat Castiel for lunch. *bg*)

2009-07-21 04:35 (UTC)
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YES, omg, I can only imagine what Castiel would do with Jay and Silent Bob. *g*

They certainly have a lot to teach our wee angel about defiance of the will of Alanis Morissette


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