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Friday, 17 July 2009 19:51
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OMG, two more days of night treatments and on-call. Over the last almost-two weeks I've seen:

- Four colicking horses, none of which had surgery as an option, one of which survived. (Those were long, depressing nights, for the most part. I encourage all horse-owners out there to buy insurance for colic surgery! It's not that expensive, compared to the procedure, and you never know when you're going to need it.)
- Two lacerations: one ripped-open shoulder, one torn-off nostril
- One horse that got caught in a cattle guard
- One street nail (horse steps on nail, nail drives bacteria to very sensitive structures inside the foot, horse requires immediate surgery)
- One case of enteroliths (cantaloupe-sized stones in the gut)
- One neck surgery, doing well.
- Other various and sundry

Went to the CA Rodeo going on nearby. It was an experience. Sadly, I got called out in the middle of it, didn't have my car, had to borrow a huge truck, usually driven by a very tall man, with a driver's seat that wouldn't move forward, got lost twice on the way back to the clinic, arrived several minutes *after* the emergency, and decided I'm never leaving the premises while on-call again.

Rope burned most of my first two fingers while helping to recover a horse from surgery. Must wear gloves next time.

I like being on hospital duty-- except for the all-night treatments and the fact I can't go running. But you take the good with the sleepless, yeah? Oh, I also miss wine.
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