Friday, 2 January 2015

New year!

Friday, 2 January 2015 22:13
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Finally finishing my first round of New Year House Cleaning.

*phew* that feels better.

Now onto the other stuff.

2014 - Farewell. You weren't a bad year, but not a momentous one either. I may loose track of you in the flow of time. But such is life. I worked a lot, renovated the kitchen. I did other stuff. Hawaii was brilliant. As was England. Love life was not. My roomate moved out, and I'm getting used to living alone. I find I may be a little too much alone. Blessed with family and pets and health and living in a place I really enjoy. Lots to be thankful for, really. But we move on.

2015 - I have high expectations, my friend. We're renovating the back yard next. Gardens! an Orchard! Stone walls! Travel plans to meet vet school friends in Vagas next month. Bonaire in July. Brother's wedding in October. My goals are to put myself out there. To take more emotional risks and meet new people. And just enjoy and continue to be thankful every day.

Happy new year all!


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