Friday, 24 April 2009

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In honor of this glorious day, I present a list of happy-making things:

1. Sun and warm, with breezes and open windows, and a forty degree rise in the mercury overnight.

2. Four weeks left until graduation aka DOCTOR day.

3. Not having to wait any longer for netflix to send the first disk of BSG s2.5, because HOLY SHIT that was a cliffhanger of doom. (Someone please tell me that Chief Tirol(sp) survives to the end of the series? Please? In this I am not spoiler-averse.

4. A bottle of Argentine wine (a Torrontes, perfect for a summer day) and dark chocolate with chili and cherries-- possibly the most complete and magically flavored chocolate I've ever had (with the exception of milk/lavender)

5. Being able to be the one who posts multiple times in a day, can comment to everyone on my f-list, and might even start writing again. :D

6. Knitting up my first wearable (i.e. non-accessory) garment.

7. One more class, meeting THREE times/week 'til I'm done. That's all, baby!

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As ucky as it was outside yesterday, it is some kind of beautiful today (and the weekend is only meant to get better). The cats are perched in wide-open windows and the seedlings are on the back porch to get some direct sun.

I only have one class, but it's from 1-5pm, *sigh*

As school winds down and I'm getting ready to move across the country, I've been thinking about life and home a lot. I live-at-work for the next year, but after that I'm completely on my own. I've realized that I'm tired of sharing kitchen and bathrooms (in fact, have never had my own), although I like having other people (and their pets) in the house. It's nothing against the people I share them with-- I'm just tired of it. I suppose I'll need to find a place where there is a bedroom/bath/kitchen for every housemate? Does such nirvana exist?

In other news, the whole equine-vet world is exploding with the controversy over the dead polo ponies in Florida. If you haven't heard anything about it, it was a horrific supposed-accident in which 21 horses died within the space of a few hours before their match after receiving a compounded vitamin mix. Whether it was the compounding pharmacy's fault (they claim an error in the formulation, but won't say which ingredient and toxicology tests aren't back yet from the horses) or the vet for prescribing it, or just rotten luck, I hope to god nothing like this happens again. I also hope it encourages some standards of safety and efficacy in compounded veterinary products. (These are typically drugs we cannot get through pharmaceutical companies, because they aren't licensed in the USA or no one makes them anymore etc, so we have pharmacies make them with less oversight than their big Pharma neighbors. The mix given to the ponies was meant to emulate a product that Meriel sells overseas.) It's huge topic, and every vet on the list-serve's I belong to seems to be weighing in. Personally, I can't say more than I think it's a tragedy, and I just hope we can learn from it to prevent something like this from happening again.


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